Single Tooth Implant

A single-tooth implant is carried out when you want an implant to look like your natural tooth. They function like the natural tooth and replaces it without affecting the health of the neighboring teeth. It basically replaces the root of the natural teeth and hence the bone needs to be preserved. The implant would basically integrate your jawbone and keep it healthy and intact. It has more aesthetics and is quite easy to clean.

The treatment

Placing the implant is quite a task and needs the supervision of dental experts. At Evolution Smiles, we have highly experienced dentists, who would not only help you not only to place the implants but would also guide you to care for them. This would help the implants to last for really long and your oral condition would also be in place. The treatment procedure for this would include:

  • After the application of local anesthesia, the dental implant that looks like a screw would be fixed on your jaws and would be allowed to bond over a period of 2 to 6 months.
  • Once it has been fused then the implant is uncovered and attached to an extension.
  • Finally, the replacement tooth known as the crown would be created and attached to the abutment.
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How are implants helpful?

Once you get used to the implant, you would be able to regain your confidence. You would get that perfect smile and your teeth would function normally. The best thing about these implants is that it looks just like the natural teeth and hence your facial aesthetics would not be affected.

If you suspect any problem with your teeth, then contact us immediately. Early problem detection and treatment can help you to retain your natural teeth. After an extent, when the natural teeth are beyond repair, then implants prove to be helpful. So, if you are facing any difficulties with your oral conditions, contact us on the given number now.

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