Removable Dentures

In the case of missing teeth, dentures work as a removable replacement. There are basically two types of removable dentures, namely partial and complete. As the name suggests, partial dentures are used when few teeth are missing, similarly, complete dentures are used when all the teeth are missing. You can find temporary and permanent removable dentures, where the temporary are used in the healing process until the permanent customized ones are made.

How are removable dentures made?

In order to complete the whole procedure, it does take a few weeks’ time. You might also have to attend several appointments during the whole process. Once our experienced dentists at Evolution Smile determines the conditions of your oral health, the general steps involved in the process would include:

  • Takedown the impressions of your jaws along with the overall structure.
  • Create a trial model so that you can wear them and see if it fits you properly and also if you are comfortable with the color, shape, etc.
  • Then the final and permanent denture is cast.
  • They would also make other adjustments if required.
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Getting used to the dentures

Initially, the removable dentures might seem to be a bit uncomfortable. This would happen for a few days until the muscles and tongue get used to the feel of the same. You might also face minor irritation, soreness, and an increase in the flow of saliva. These problems would keep on decreasing as your mouth begins to adjust.

We at Evolution Smiles would help you to get removable dentures that are identical to your natural teeth. This would bring back your confidence to smile and the overall aesthetics of your face would also improve. So, in case you have missing teeth and wish to opt for removable dentures, then call us on the number given below and book an appointment.

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