Overdentures are the appliances that hold dentures in place. It helps in attaching the denture in the mouth to the remaining nearby teeth or dental implant. Dentures are customized according to the structure of the mouth and jawbones. Missing teeth can wear them off, which means there can be a change in shape and size. With overdentures, the dentures would never ill-fit into the mouth and would grip tightly over time.

Benefits of overdentures

Overdentures are basically supported by canine teeth and can be done for both upper and lower jaws. In case you have missing canine teeth then you can opt for implant-supported overdentures. They are connected with a metal bar with an attachment that fits into the overdenture. Some of the benefits of overdenture are:

  • They help in reducing the shrinkage of jawbones
  • They redirect the pressure in the mouth helping the denture to be stable
  • For certain dental conditions like oligodontia, overdentures prove to be really helpful
  • Being made from acrylic, they help in preserving the surrounding bones and hence helps in retaining aesthetics.
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Caring for overdentures

In order to make the overdentures last, it is very important to care for them properly. You should maintain the daily normal hygiene routine. Remove the overdentures at night before going to sleep and do not forget to clean around the attachments. Also visit your dentist regularly, at least once in six months in order to ensure the condition of your overdenture and maintain your oral health.

If you are thinking of getting your first set of dentures, then contact us immediately. Our experts would discuss the possibility of including overdentures and would give you the best suggestion as per your requirements. They would complete the whole process as per your comfort and give you the right tips to care for your new smile.

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