Sealants children and adults

Mostly used for children, dental sealants are great for adults as well. Anyone is susceptible to dental decay, and the sealant ensures that the bacteria have no room to grow. They protect the most difficult corners of the mouth where dental decays mostly occur. Being made up of plastic materials they are placed over the molars and premolars where decays mostly occur.

Applying the sealant

The parents should take good care of their children’s oral conditions and ensure that they follow all the hygiene habits properly. After that sealants can be a good preventive measure that can prevent your teeth and your child’s teeth from diseases and decays. There are 4 steps that dentists follow for applying sealants on your teeth:

  • They would initially clean the surface of your teeth and dry it.
  • The acidic gel is applied roughen the surface of the teeth. This would ensure adherence to the sealant on teeth under all circumstances.
  • Next, the gel would be rinsed and dry toothpaste is applied before putting on the sealant.
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How do teeth cleanings help in adults?

Some of the benefits of getting your teeth professionally cleaned by experts is that it would prevent the occurrence and reoccurrence of the periodontal disease. You would also be able to get timely screening of oral cancer. You would be able to preserve your natural teeth as long as possible and it would look clean, white and beautiful.

Whatever might be the situation, it is important that you should visit the dental clinic at least twice a year. Just like you take care of overall health by eating healthy, exercising and leading a healthy lifestyle, it is also equally important to keep your oral health in place. Do not compromise on that and be sure to follow all the oral hygiene rules daily.

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