Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer screening is a precautionary and not a diagnostic treatment. It is basically an oral examination that is performed by the dentists in order to look out for the signs or pre-signs of oral cancer. It is one of the most abundant diseases in the world and has affected millions of people. The objective behind conducting oral cancer screening is to identify it at an earlier stage so as to cure and stop any further spread of the disease.


Given here are some of the early signs of oral cancer. If you notice any of these symptoms, do contact us immediately:

  • Sore in lips or mouth that is not getting cured for a long time.
  • Red or white patch
  • Loose teeth
  • Lump inside the mouth
  • Pain in the oral and ear region
  • Difficulties while swallowing
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Oral cancer Diagnosis

The occurrence of oral cancer is not restricted to age, gender, etc. but the people who are exposed to tobacco, alcohol, etc. are more prone to get this disease. In case you have been diagnosed with cancer previously, then you should be more careful and come for regular check-ups, at least once in six months. Also, you should keep away from the extreme rays of the sun.

You should consider this screening as a chance to clarify all of your doubts associated with oral health. The best way to prevent this disease is by scheduling an appointment with our experienced dentist once every six months. To book an appointment, call us immediately on the given number.

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