Fluoride Treatment children and adults

The dental cavity is one of the most common diseases among children and adults worldwide and fluoride treatment can potentially help to get rid of that. The bacteria in our mouth produce acid that wears out the enamel of our teeth which leads to a cavity. Fluoride not only protects our teeth from those acids but also make them stronger. It can also help in reversing the early signs of decay.
You can come for a regular preventive dental visit and get your teeth treated with fluoride. However, the personal level of dental care with fluoride can also save you from decays and cavities.

Benefits of fluoride

Fluorides have multiple benefits that are enough for you to opt for this mineral. This is not only good for children but is equally good for adults for a better oral condition. Some of the most common advantages would include:

  • Restoration of minerals to the surface of the teeth
  • Reducing the growth of bacteria on teeth and hence lesser decays
  • The increased amount of fluoride in children indicates that they would have a much healthier permanent teeth
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Fluoride in water

With sticky sugary food and sweetened beverages, our teeth get exposed to bacteria that leads to a cavity. Fluoride in water helps to wash away that bacteria and keep our oral environment healthy and safe. You can opt for fluoride toothpaste but having fluoride water throughout the day would constantly wash away the bacteria and cavities and would help in making your teeth much stronger.

You would be able to avail proper fluoride treatment in our dental clinic. Herein we directly apply fluoride to your teeth in the form of gel, varnish or foam. We can also recommend some fluoride supplements if required. This is important for children more as they need o have fluoride so that they can get stronger permanent teeth. To book an appointment contact us on the given number.

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