Pocket reduction

Periodontitis can lead to extreme oral conditions due to which gums recede from the teeth. They form pockets where bacteria and debris get collected and can lead to extreme loss in the structure of the teeth and infections. Pocket reduction surgery helps in reducing these pockets so that the debris and bacteria can be removed and thus your teeth would not encounter any problem. To understand whether you need a pocket reduction surgery or not, consult your dentist immediately.

The surgery

You would be given local anesthesia before the surgery is executed. This is an in-house treatment and nothing to be scared of. The surgeon would find the depth of the pocket, clean it from bacteria and other infection-causing debris. Depending on the severity of bone loss, they would also perform other treatments like bone grafting. The treatment procedure would include:

  • The gum would be lifted and rolled back and then tartar would be removed from there
  • In case there is a bone loss, then that would be shaped and smoothed
  • Then the gum is re-attached with the help of a substance, this would help to reduce bleeding
  • Then the gum is sewn and a dressing is put on the area
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Post the surgery

The stitches would dissolve after the surgery. Our dentist would then remove the dressing and help you to be comfortable. With a lower gumline, more of your natural teeth would be visible. You should follow the dental hygiene routine thoroughly and also live up to the advice of our dentists. You should plan to visit our clinic at least twice a year for regular check-ups.

At Evolution Smiles, we would help you to recover completely from the surgery. We would refer you to all the necessary medications and would also advise you on your daily hygiene routine. Make sure to follow them properly in order to get the best results. Get your teeth checked by us today, call now to book an appointment.

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