Periodontal maintenance cleanings

Periodontal diseases are quite similar to that of any other chronic disease. The best way to control them is by early detection and maintenance. Periodontal maintenance cleanings are one such way carrying out which you would be able to stay away from gum diseases. This is basically a supportive periodontal therapy that would not only reduce the chances of disease reduction but would also improve your chances of saving the natural teeth. This process should be carried out every 3-4 months so that bacterias do not get a chance to grow and cause any loss to your bone structure.

The treatment procedure

Our expert dentists focus on your teeth and gumline so as to make them healthy and free from any decay or diseases. At Evolution Smiles, we take all-around care about your oral conditions without compromising your comfort. When you come for a periodontal visit, it would include the following steps:

  • They would first ask about your oral and your medical history
  • This would be followed by a thorough periodontal examination and along with measuring the size of your periodontal pockets
  • Next, an oral cancer screening would occur
  • Finally, tooth would be cleaned and polished
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Knowing the importance

A regular cleaning is very important whether or not you have periodontal diseases. This would help you in removing plaque and avoid different oral risk factors. These cleanings are important to ensure your dental health and our dentist would also suggest you with some proper dental hygiene routines. Having a good oral health is also important for maintaining good overall health.

At Evolution Smiles, we value you more than anything else. Your comfort and proper treatment is our main aim. If you are facing any dental problem, or it is the time for your regular cleanings, then do contact us on the number below to book an appointment.

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