Osseous surgery

Osseous surgery is done when there is a significant amount of bone loss due to periodontal diseases. They mainly develop as plaque gets accumulated on the teeth and hardens to form tartar. It causes red puffy gums, which leads to swelling and bleeding. However, with the help of thorough dental hygiene, these problems and periodontal diseases can be avoided. Osseous surgery can help in reducing bacteria from the gums which in turn lessens the number of pockets and smoothes out the damaged bones.

Signs of gum diseases

Even though gum diseases come with no pain, but their signs should not be ignored. Early diagnosis and treatment can cure the problem whereas keeping them untreated can even lead to loss of jawbones. Some of the well-known signs that might indicate that you have a gum disease would include:

  • Swollen, red and tender gums that bleed
  • Gums that tends to move away from teeth
  • Bad breath accompanied by bad taste
  • Loose teeth with visible pus that surrounds the gums and teeth
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Post-surgery expectations

Once the surgery has been completed, our dentist would cover the area with gauze to stop bleeding. We would also help you with some post-operative precautions that would help you to heal quickly. You would need to change the gauze for as long as the bleeding stays and would also have to take all the medications. If you take proper precautions and follow all the instructions, then you would be back to normal within a few days.

You would have to follow some preventive measures once the surgery is complete. You should also visit us regularly for maintenance and check-ups. At Evolution Smiles, we would not only perform your surgery with precession but would also help you to recover quickly and maintain that healthy oral condition. To ensure your oral health book an appointment by calling us on the given number.

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