Crown lengthening

Crowns are basically caps that look like natural teeth and are worn over the damaged teeth. This is basically done when the teeth are chipped, cracked or broken. It can also be used to complete multiple dental procedures like root canal, dental implants, etc. It can help in firmly affixing the natural teeth. The process of crown lengthening is done by recontouring the gum tissue and even the bones so that more of the tooth’s surface can be exposed. The whole process takes less than an hour to get completed.

Why go for crown lengthening?

Crown lengthening is a surgical procedure wherein your periodontist would check your oral condition and medical history first and then conduct an X-ray. This is done to minutely understand the conditions of your teeth and then the treatment is conducted. The need for crown lengthening is to:

  • Help the crown to remain attached to the tooth
  • Reduce gum tissue in order to expose the surface of the teeth which would allow the crown to fit properly.
  • Alter gummy smile
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The recovery process

To recover from the whole process, it would take almost three months. Once your gums heal, you would be able to go back to your normal functions. Do not put any strain on your teeth for the next three days post the surgery. You should take proper medications as prescribed by your dentists. In case of swelling, you can use an ice pack in the concerned area. Do not eat hot food, 24 hours after the surgery. You would also need to be careful while brushing. Have food that is soft and refrain from having alcohol or smoking.

If you have chipped or broken teeth and wish to get a crown, then you should also think about undergoing the crown lengthening process. This is done so that the crown can fix and function properly. If you need any assistance or are facing any dental issues, then contact us immediately on the given number and fix your appointment.

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