Sinus Augmentation

Sinus Augmentation is basically a surgical procedure that adds bones in the upper jaws near the molars and pre-molars. This is done to make room for the bones so that they can grow. The sinus of the nose is lifted by surgeons or periodontists. This procedure is basically needed when your sinus is quite close to your jaws or there are not enough bones for the implants to be placed. This is basically a procedure that occurs if needed before dental implants are placed.

When do you need it?

Not everyone with molar and premolar teeth implants would need to go through this procedure. This is needed when you do not have enough bones in your jaws or when your sinuses are very close to your jaws, so much so that implants could not be placed there. Some of the reasons behind this would include:

  • The anatomy of your skull is like this
  • Due to periodontal diseases, bone loss has occurred
  • If you have missing teeth for a long time, then bone loss can occur
  • There has been bone loss due to calcium deficiency
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The surgery

The bone used to do a sinus lift comes from your own body. It can be taken from any area of your mouth or body like hips or tibia. In case that is not possible, then a synthetic material is used which is efficient and safe to be used. Your surgeon would cut the gum tissues exposing the bones. There is a membrane lining the sinus which is pushed up and away from your jaws. Granules of bone graft materials are now placed in the open space to fill up.

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