This is a medical test that helps to detect whether the growth of abnormal tissues is cancerous or not. The test is conducted basically by removing a bit of gum cells and then putting it under the laboratory microscope to detect any abnormalities. There is not much preparation needed for biopsy to occur, however, you should discuss all the medications with your dentist. This would help them to understand your case better. Before the process starts your dentist would suggest you stop eating before few hours.

When to go for a gum biopsy?

Generally, this is a part of oral cancer screening and is done in case the doctors find something abnormal. Gum biopsy occurs to outpatient candidates and does not need any local anesthesia. There are different types of biopsies available in the market and your dentist would choose the one depending on your gum conditions.

  • White or red patch on the gums
  • Ulcers or swellings that have last for more than a couple of weeks
  • Prolonged swelling on the gum
  • Abnormal changes in the gum that led to loose tooth
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After the treatment

Gum biopsy does not involve any complications, and thus you would need to revisit with the reports. The dentist would be able to detect the abnormal tissue growth is cancerous or not after looking at the reports. Depending on the outcomes, the next steps of your treatment procedures would be decided.

You would not have to do much preparations for a gum biopsy. But do remember to tell your doctor about all the medications that you take as some of them can interfere with the process of gum biopsy. If you feel any swellings or pain inside your mouth, then contact us at Evolution Smiles immediately and let our experienced experts check your oral health.

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