Veneers are basically the perfecting tool for teeth that are chipped, misshaped and have gaps between them. They rectify the overall shape of the teeth and give it a classic look. We have a wide variety of dental veneers to choose depending on your requirements and preferences. This is indeed a very simple and effective option. They are like a thin covering placed over the visible part of the teeth.

The veneer advantage

The best thing about dental veneers is that it can correct a wide range of dental issues. You can opt for the custom made fit to mouth porcelain veneers or the natural-looking composite resin veneers. They work the best for teeth that are:

  • Stained and cannot be whitened by bleaching
  • Misshaped or crooked teeth
  • Worn out or chipped
  • Having large gaps between them, especially the front ones
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Before the treatment

However, before you get the treatment, our dentist would conduct a thorough check-up to see your oral conditions. Both your teeth and gums should be in a healthy state. It would not work for patients who have grinding teeth problems. You should also remember that during the process, a bit of your teeth enamel is removed and thus the whole process cannot be undone. Discuss all of your requirements and expectations with our dentist and they would analyze whether veneers are the perfect solution for your problems or not.

If you have any of the above problems, then delay no further and contact us immediately. You should also follow proper corrective measures to maintain the veneers, or else they might break under pressure. Follow your regular brushing and flossing rituals without any fail. In case you see that veneers have become loose or it is already six months passed your last dental visit, then book an appointment with us on the given number.

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