A denture is a removable substitution for missing teeth and surrounding tissues. Dentures can be complete or partial depending on missing teeth if teeth replacement is made for partial teeth missing is a partial denture, In case it for the whole set of teeth than its complete dentures. A removable partial denture or bridge generally comprises of substitution teeth attached to a pink or gum-type plastic base, which is associated with a metal structure that holds the denture set up in the mouth. Partial dentures are utilized when at least one natural teeth stay in the upper or lower jaw.

All about dentures

A bridge replaces at least one teeth by setting crowns on the teeth on either side of the space and appending artificial teeth to them. This “bridge” is then cemented. Dentures are needed when:

  • Teeth are moving or lose
  • Gums are swollen and red
  • There are severe toothaches
  • The condition of teeth is bad or maybe misplaced
  • It impossible to place the bridge
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Knowing your dentures

Partial removable denture comprises of a prosthetic tooth associated with a pink plastic base. A metal framework might be utilized to hold the denture set up in your mouth. Metal or tooth-shaded clasps attach the partial denture to your remaining natural teeth. For a natural-looking outcome, you can utilize accuracy connections that are associated with dental crowns. Partial dentures are a brilliant option o dental implants if you have one or more remaining natural teeth.

Our specialist here at Evolution Smiles may use biocompatibility testing to check the best material for your complete or partial dentures. Most common is non-metal nowadays. So whatever dentures you want to opt for, book an appointment with us today by calling on the given number.

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