Dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps that are placed over a tooth to protect them from decays and other dental problems. They help in restoring the affected tooth back to its shape, size, and function. It not only helps in making the teeth strong but also makes it as functional as natural teeth. Crowns come really handy in case you have a dental cavity that is too large for a filling. They are also great for teeth that are cracked or worn down. They also work great to protect restored teeth that have undergone root canal treatment and can also cover-up discolored teeth.

The crown material

The crown can be made up of different types of materials like ceramics, porcelain, metal alloys, composite resin, etc. The crowns are then colored in such a way that it would get blended with the natural teeth. Our dentist always looks into the fact that the crowns look natural and fit on your teeth comfortably. The crown material used for you would depend on certain factors like:

  • The location and function of the concerned teeth
  • The gum tissue’s position
  • Your own preferences
  • The number of teeth that shows during a smile
  • The color of the teeth
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The treatment

It generally takes 2 dental visits to complete the whole procedure. Initially, the dentist would prepare the teeth by removing the outer portion so that the crown can fit properly. This would be followed by making an impression so that the exact model of the crown can be made. For the time being, you would be given a temporary crown. Once the permanent one is ready, our dentist would place it in your mouth and make all the necessary adjustments. If you are happy with the crown, then only the crown would be cemented in the right place.

It is very important to take proper care of your crown. Our dentist would not only help you to choose the right crown material and get the treatment done but would also help you with post-treatment care. So contact us on the number given below and get an appointment today.

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