Cosmetic Bonding

Cosmetic bonding is basically the process using which dentist bonds or attaches different materials to our teeth in order to improve its appearance or shape. Once done, the natural teeth elements get fused together and with the material like porcelain or resin so as to create a strong structure that resembles your original teeth. You would find multiple procedures that can repair chipped teeth, but cosmetic bonding is the most effective one. This is because the materials used in the bonding comes with color and texture that would closely resemble the texture of your teeth.

Why should I get cosmetic bonding?

If you want a dental solution that is realistic and cost-effective, then cosmetic bonding is the perfect answer for you. The success of the bonding procedure depends on the location of the mouth where the restoration is required. For example, the biting force is really high at the back of the mouth and hence durability of cosmetic bonding might not be high there. So if you want a bonding at a suitable place inside the mouth, then it would last for really long. Some other advantages of bonding are:

  • The whole process is very cost-effective
  • The whole procedure can be completed in a single visit unlike other dental treatments
  • You can get multiple teeth bonded in a single visit, this would save your time and energy
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The perfect treatment

Bonding on your front teeth requires minimal preparation. You would not need to undergo anesthesia unless there is an old restoration or tooth decay present. The dentist would roughen the surface of your teeth with a conditioning gel which would help the bonded material to get adhered to the teeth. Then the composite resin is applied and the same is cured with the help of UV rays. Our expert dentist would then shape and polish your teeth so that you can get that perfect smile.

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